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Bletchley Park & onto Leighton Buzzard’s WW1 & RAF Centenary!

Off to Bletchley Park!

I’m afraid I can’t spend too long at my blog tonight only because I’m up to my ears in paper work and once again I’m fighting against the clock to get all my jobs done. Last Sunday I’d set aside the day to catch up with all my computing jobs which on the face of it were all simple enough. However in every case I came across glitches  which left me unhappy that I had wasted a whole day and I’d not achieved any of my goals.

The Bombe Computer in Hut 11a

The 40s Wedding Dress Exhibition!

When it comes to computers I have no talent at all and I do struggle with technology.  I have trouble retaining computer style information and I never seem to use the right words when it comes to trouble shooting or asking a computer or You tube to solve my problems. My brain doesn’t click that way and being dyslexic I often get things back to front. I find it really frustrating and now I’m having to play catch up from the time lost on Sunday.

The ironic thing I was at Bletchley Park on Saturday the birth place of computing. When you think what the boffins at Bletchley were able to crack & do durring WW2 I feel utterly pathetic in comparison. Perhaps I should have devoted my whole weekend to being in the office but as I get so little time to myself I wanted to see the museum as they had a special 1940s event on. Although I visit Bletchley Park often  due to the fact my web-designer has offices there I hadn’t visited the house or museum in a very long time and certainly much has changed since my last visit.

The weather last Saturday was beautiful and it was good to get out and listen to the music. I particularly enjoyed the wedding dress display in the mansion and the ATS recruitment film in the

Meeting up with Friends Lesley and Martin at the Mansion!

visitors center.

This Saturday I will be performing in my home town for Leighton Buzzard’s Living History day as it celebrates the end of the Great War and the RAFs centenary. I’ve been engaged to perform 3 shows daily 12pm – 12.45pm ,WW1 set “I’ll Make a Man of You”,  1.45pm – 2.15pm Top Hat and Tails, “Burlington Bertie”, 3.15pm – 4.00pm WAAF “,Those Magnificent Men”. I shall be performing in the high Street so I hope you can all make it along to see me.

That’s all my news for now but on Friday 12th I shall be making my way up to Pickering

Out-side Bletchley Park!

to perform for the towns War Weekend.

More news on that to follow soon. Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉

Inside the Mansion!