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Bath Costume Museum, Back in the Studio and All Set for Valentines Week!

Out and About in Bath!

Outside The Limplee Stoke Hotel!

If you caught my pictures on face book you will know Paul and I have been out and about this weekend enjoying Bath. We weren’t going to be put off by a bit of snow and I confess that since returning home on Monday I feel I could have done with a little more time away. I’ve worked so hard these last few weeks not only on my paperwork but on “My Fair Lady” that I don’t feel quite as rested as I should, but then the only way to succeed is to work hard.

This morning I received my pull up banner design for “My Fair Lady” which I will be using as a visual aid for when I play the show. I shall also be back in the studio this weekend making some last minute adjustments to the music so it will fit comfortably within my one women show format. I have a dress fitting tomorrow to finalize the costumes and I still have a hat to make for Alfred Doolittle. But all in all everything is coming together.

It’s important to get a good happy work balance and sometimes I find it extraordinarily just how many time wasters there are out there especially when it comes to show business.  To quote Professor Higgins “Some people don’t know there

Paul and I at the Assembly Rooms!

own silly business” which is why it’s important to know when to turn off the computer and to get away from it all.

I had been looking forward to Bath immensely and I drove over on Friday just in time for the snow. Paul met me at the Limlee Stoke Hotel which is just out-side of Bath and the car park was completely covered in snow. If you have ever been to Bath then you will know there is much to see but on this occasion we had no particular plan and just enjoyed pottering about taking in the classical architecture.

On Sunday we made a point of visiting the Assembly Rooms  and the costume museum which houses a wonderful collection of clothes from the 18th century and beyond. On this occasion there was an exhibition of Royal Women’s fashion which included dresses worn by Alexandra, Mary,

Alexandra’s Evening Dress 1900!

Elizabeth and Margaret. I was particularly taken by a purple evening dress which was worn by queen Alexandra in 1900 and by some of the 18th century fashion which suited the Bath location splendidly.

Of course no trip to Bath would be complete with-out a visit to The Pump Rooms for afternoon tea and enjoying some of the towns lovely restaurants. On this occasion it  included a visit to “The Loft” which is a shop with a restaurant just around the corner from the Assembly Rooms and where Paul and I enjoyed the most marvellous lunch. Just down from there I discovered “VV Rouleaux” a shop which sells haberdashery galore  and everything you could possibly want in the way of dress and hat trimmings

Bath has no shortage of interesting dress shops and Paul and I particularly enjoyed “Sumptuous” the fabulous frock Boutique

Me with Hat Designer Nancy Rose!

and the Nancy Rose hats which are bespoke hand made pieces for all occasions.

This week I start on the first of my Valentine shows and I’m busy all next week with Valentine shows.

That’s all my news for now. Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉

Shopping at VV Rouleaux!

Lunch at The Loft!