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A Voice in a Million

Back from Suffolk!

It was good for me to get away this weekend and I was really pleased with the way the show went on Saturday. One never quite knows with family gatherings if 40s music is going to be to everyones taste but everything went really well and I had the pleasure of working with a new sound engineer Stefen who did me proud. So thank-you Stefen great job! I was pleased I took my bigger speakers even though it was a bit of a squosh in my car but we really did need them so well planned I think!
Ofcourse Saturday was a bit of a funny day for me as it should have been my Wedding Day. I did have a quiet moment at 4pm when I would have been walking down the isle but some things are just not to be I guess!
Still I don’t want to go on about that as there are so many things I want to plan for and do. Today I took abit of time out to visit Lavenham which if you know your towns you will know it’s the sort of place where you might exspect William Shakespere to pop out and meet you. Not a straight building to be seen anywhere which is just wonderful. I had lunch in a lovely little tea room called “Tickled Pink” where I got chatting to a real Suffolk character. This gentleman rather reminded me of my grandfather as he had a real head of hair just like my grandfather John. Sadly he died when I was only 3 but I remember him as having a wicked twinkle just like this gentleman who was enjoying telling me about having 4 girlfriends all on the go dispite being 83, Twinkle twinkle!
Next weekend I shall be all Victorian as I head to The Isle of Wight for their Victorian event and Tuesday I’ve got a “Hooray for Hollywood” show to do along with a session in the recording studio! So busy busy! Must dash thanks ever-so for dropping in and Toodle Pip!