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Back from Kew Bridge

It’s been a real action packed and busy few days. As many of you know I was singing this weekend at Kew Bridge Steam Museum and what a great place the Steam Museum is. It was my first time there and I made my way over on Friday night, only I got it mixed up with Brentwood when it is infact in Brentford. That’s dislexixa for you I often mis read and mix words up. Thank goodness for set nav that’s all I can say – forchantly I had put the post code in right but I thought for a while my sat nav had gone nuts before the penny droped. I had no idea how near Ealing Brentford is which I know quite well as I play the Number One Club there often!
I stayed over 2 nights at The Bridge Inn and dear I say it the hotel had a slight Faulty Towers quality. They do things very differently in London and although it wasn’t exspensive some of the things you take for granted in B&Bs in other parts of the county seemed to be missing. For example when I was shown to my room someone eles was already in it. The bath and shower room was shared. I had to ask for towels. I was given 2 and then one was removed the next day. Breakfast was continenle but no cousonts and the toaster only toasted one side of your toast. Oh and no car park – but I do have to admire the land lords wit! Welcome to London!
The 40s weekend at Kew Bridge was great and I met some wonderful people who work and volenteer at the museum. I also worked with a Lindy Hop group on the Saturday called Swingland and they were just great so I hope very much our paths cross again. It was just a shame they didn’t get a few more people through the doors as Kew Bridge has so much to offer and I came away very inspired and thinking about Steam Punk. Which for those of you in the know will know this is the next big thing so look it up. Must dash as I’m out tonight, Toodle Pip and Keep Watching!