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Back from Chatham and onto WW1 and the 20s!

It’s been something of a whirl wind weekend and all go at the Historic Dock Yard Chatham with “Salute to the 40s”. I’m sorry I’m a bit behind with posting my blog but since getting back from Chatham I’ve been burning the midnight oil yet again trying to get everything ready for my web-designer and my new 1920s and 30s page soon to go up on my web-site but more of that later!
In the mean time back to Chatham and I think Alana and Anthony should be congratulated for putting on such a fantastic “Salute to the 40s” event. There was so much going on and some fantastic acts, the best on the 40s scene with so much variety. For the finale we all came together for a Variety show organised and hosted by Madeline Brown who did a fantastic job as compere.When you are working so intensely you don’t get the chance to hear and see the other artists so it was a wonderful opportunity. I particularly enjoyed listening to Mickie Driver’s arrangement of Me and My Girl as I have worked for Mickie through his agency but never heard him sing before. I enjoyed The Putting on the Blitz boys and their close harmonies, the fabulous Polka Dot Dolls, Victoria Yellop on Violin, the beautiful Lola Lamour and the bouncy Natasha Harper and Little Miss Lucy who was just charming. It’s always a pleasure to see Gypsy John and the Cinique Port Lindy Hoppers who just seem to be so full of life and engery

Me with the US WAVES

Now I’m back home I have so much to sort out costume wise. I decide myself as a soprano and costume artist and over the course of the weekend I went through nine different costume changes – mad or what! It’s just as well I drive a van! I was down for four shows daily + the finale and over the course of the weekend did a real mix bag from British to American. I’m pleased with the way my new GI Jive show went and also my Pearly Queen show. I’d not done my Pearly Queen one at Chatham before but it kind of makes a change from singing American music which is also very popular. It was great to catch up with so many friends and thank you every-one for posting up your photos on facebook.

Me as a Pearly Queen with GI Paul!

These last few days I have been trying to catch up with paper work and today I met up with Rachel my web-designer. I’m looking forward to adding the new 1920s and 30s page to my site as there does seem to be a bit of a hole there at the moment. When it comes to web-sites and social media the world is ever changing and it’s important I keep up to date and move with it particularly as web-sites now need to be mobile with mobile phones and tablets becoming much more main stream. It’s a change I will have to make before the end of 2014 but I am a little worried about it as I don’t want to compromise on design.
After my meeting with Rachel I had an appointment to visit the Trenchard Museum at RAF Halton as I’m very interested in WW1 history with the run up to the centenary. I’m looking forward to performing at lots of WWI events next year. The other day I was note bashing through music from that period so something I’m planning to invest in and really develop further.
The Trenchard Museum goes right through and covers many periods in RAF Halton’s history. After writing this blog I shall pop up a few photos on facebook and also some of my weekend at Chatham so do click through here is the link
I have another busy week with shows every day now to Saturday so time for bed.
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