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All Set For The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee & Meeting Up with James Bond!

On Stage for Mc Carthy and Stone!

This week it’s busy busy with Jubilee shows as things really start to ramp up for the weekend. Over the bank holiday I will be performing two to three shows daily predominantly for events locally but I will also be heading up to Sleaford on Friday night after my Leighton Buzzard shows to perform for the towns 1940s event which they are combining with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I still have a few show plans to finish and if I can fit it in, I want to make myself a new 1940s hat in time for Saturday. So much to do and so little time!

Land of Hope and Glory!

If you haven’t seen my itinerary for the Jubilee weekend here is a list of all my public engagements :-

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Thursday 2nd – 8pm – 9pm “Happy & Glorious”  Proms – Slapton Recreation Ground LU7 9BT

Friday 3rd – 9.45am – 10.30am  “We’ll Meet Again” ATS, 2.30pm – 3.15pm  “Happy & Glorious”  Proms – Leighton Buzzard High Street, LU7 1DN

Saturday 4th – 11am – 11.45am “We’ll Meet Again” ATS, 1pm – 1.45pm “In the Mood” 1940s Glamour, 3pm – 3.45pm  “Happy & Glorious”  Proms – William Alvery School, Sleaford, NG34 7EA

A Beautiful Setting for for the WI Jubilee Party!

Sunday 5th June – 4.30pm – 5.15pm “Happy & Glorious”  Proms, 6pm – 6.45pm “Fly Me to the Moon” Swing Show with special guest and Sinatra Style vocalist Paul Marsden

I also have a couple of private shows in between these public performances to perform which will amount to fourteen shows in seven days. Last week I opened the Jubilee season in Beaconsfield performing at a beautiful private country house for Beasconsfield WI followed by a promotional evening for Mc Carthy and Stone in Great

Trying on Jubilee Dresses!


On Sunday Judi delivered my new Jubilee dress for the season which I purposely designed with a 1950s vibe. Judi is a fantastic dress maker and I’m very fortunate to have some-one of Judi’s talent making dresses for me and altering my clothes to make sure that when I step out on stage everything fits perfectly. I first met Judi in 2000 and before that date none of my clothes fitted as well as they should have. Since then Judi  has been working with me ever since and I don’t think

Meeting up with James Bond, Jaws and Odd Job!

there is much in my wardrobe Judi hasn’t added her expertise too.

I’ve three patriotic dresses for this season covering the styles of the 1940s and 50s to suit my various shows and I can honestly say Judi has made every one. On this occasion my new dress is made up of a beautiful novelty fabric depicting Big Ben, the union flag, the queens soldiers,post boxes, busses and the Queens head. It’s already been cutting something of a dash while I’ve been out and about between shows and I’m looking forward to wearing it this weekend at some of my

My Mother with James Bond & Jaws!

bigger events.

Last Saturday I was invited to the Leighton & Linslade Recognition Awards and James Bond Themed Charity Event. The event was organised by Susan Humphrey, Mrs Crown and Glory Bedfordshire to raise money for Abbie’s Army and Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital. So much work went into this great event and it was a wonderful occasion. So thank-you Susan for organizing such a fantastic evening, you should feel very proud. While we were there my mother came as M, Judi Dench and we enjoyed meeting up with all the James Bond characters. I think my mother was quite taken with James Bond but we

Out and about in my new Jubilee Dress!

both had to watch out for Jaws and Odd Job who played their parts superbly!

The event took place at Brooklands Club in Leighton Buzzard and I was also present with The Best Act 2022 award in recognition for my Driveway Concerts during the pandemic which was a great honor. To my surprise I also won the Best Dressed Competition but I think most of the credit has to go to my dress maker Judi who always makes sure my clothes fit perfectly.

I shall now crack on with my show plans and I

God Save the Queen at Portobello Place!

hope very much I shall see a few of you at my “Happy and Glorious” Jubilee shows. If you do happen to make it along please come up and say hi!

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉