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All Set For Stonehurst Farm’s 1940s Weekend!

All Set and Ready to Sing!

Rule Britannia – Singing the Best of Proms!

Once again I’m fighting the clock to get everything ready in time for tomorrow when Paul and I will be heading off to perform for Stonehurst Farm and Motor Museum’s 1940s event, but more on that in a moment.

I’ve had an extremely busy week performing and squeezing in phone calls, paperwork, dress fittings along with the daily stress and strains of getting to my shows on time. At the moment so many roads seem to have roadworks on them with an endless array of  confusing detours. Yesterday I was on my way to Banbury and they had closed the road just outside of Brackley. It took me ages to find my way through thanks to a friendly work-man who recognized me and who was able to give me directions.

This morning I was up and out early as I had to dash over to the recording studio to record a new song for my Bletchley Park flicker book video. Those of you who follow me on face book may have already seen some of Harry’s beautiful photos. They arrived earlier this week and I have over 600 shots to go through. Harry has taken some wonderful shots as I engaged him and Suzanne to document my performance. It had

Dancing in the Street!

been  my intention to stream the show live but sadly the Wifi at Bletchley Park can be intermittent so I thought a collection of still photos would be a better option. As it happens I couldn’t have wished for more and I look forward to sharing the video with you soon.

In the mean time I’ve been working every day and I’ve had a couple of Driveway Concerts this week which are always very enjoyable. It’s been a busy week of mixed style performances from the 1920s “Putting on the Ritz” to Patriotic Proms shows to the Swinging 50s, 60s & 70s. On Sunday I had every-one dancing in the street at

Rock & Roll is Here to Stay!

Fallowfield  and now it’s full steam ahead as I get ready for Stonehurst Farm.

This weekend Paul and I have been booked to perform 3 shows daily plus entertain at the Saturday night dance. Poppy will be joining us too and I have a couple of new songs I’m dying to try out. We have a fantastic weekend planned and this is our show itinerary for the weekend:-

Saturday – 11.30am WAAF Show, 1.30pm GI Jive WAC Show, 3.30pm Stage and Screen 40s Hollywood, 7pm Saturday Night Dance – In the Mood

Inside Bletchley Park!

Sunday -11.30am ATS Show, 1.30pm Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree, 3.30pm 1940s Glamour Swing Show.

Out-side Bletchley Park!

Other attractions include :-
Live Re-enactment battle Saturday & Sunday at 2:30pm,  Living history displays and camp setups, Stonehurst hog-roast by Michelin chef John Duffin, Saturday & Sunday, Vintage Bar, The Farmer’s Den Tea shop, serving homemade cakes and lunches, Vintage & Classic Cars, Gift and Craft Stalls, Period costume, clothing and memorabilia plus Farm Park Activities

To book tickets click the link below and we look forward to seeing you! 😉 🎵🎶

Getting my Costumes Ready for my Show!

I’m going to have to leave it here tonight as I need to crack on with my packing. Here are a few shots from my shows this week and Bletchley Park.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and By for now!

See you there!