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A Best of British Easter and 40s Knitz!

I’ve just been sent some photos from when I went on Allan Pagram’s radio show at the start of the year – so thank-you Allan it was very kind of you to send them to me and I’ve already posted quite a few on facebook!
Quite a bit has happened since I last blogged and although I’m well into the swing of Easter Bonnet shows I’m all set for the start of the 40s season which will begin very soon. I still have another week of Easter Shows to do which I always enjoy doing very much. I’ve had quite a few Easter Bonnet compertitions to judge this week and today I judged the best Easter Cake followed by a cup of tea and a Easter crispy cake nest cake which belive me I was ready for. I think by the end I must have looked something of a fright as a crispy cake is very difficult to eat with-out getting a little chocolate on your mouth and hands – but hay it’s Easter, chocolate and off ration and boy did I enjoy it – Yum Yum!
This morning I had a few jobs in town and I decided to treat myself to lunch at All Saints Church. All the ladies were busy  aranging the flowers for tomorrow and just at that moment the sun started to shine through the stain glass windows. The church looked particuly pritty today and the angles wings were really shining a rather special moment I thought. However no sooner did I step outside the chuch and the sun went in and it started to snow how tippical is that!
While I was in town I was able to pick up my copy of the “Best of British” magazine as the April issue is the one to have if you want to know what is hapening on the 1940s sceen. I’m really pleased they have featured my artical on 1940s Knitwear. I wasn’t sure if it was good enough so I was really thrilled to be included. There are some great articals in this month and this September I will be performing at Chatham Historic Dockyard for “Salute to the 40s”. It’s going to be quite an event as they are going all out on entertainment this year and a little less on Millatary. I know judging by some of the e-mails flying about a few of you are a bit disapointed but please don’t be because this year it’s all about the acts. It’s the only event which has ever been able to get Madeline Brown, Lola Lamour and myself together all at once so quite a line up – no other venue has been able to pull that off. The Polka Dot Girls are back who I think are just great and Putting on the Blitz too. I’m looking forward to working with the Cinque Port Lindy Hoppers again and meeting Natasha Harper and Victoria Yellop who I’ve not yet had the pleasure so quite a line up!
If you don’t yet have your BOB make sure you pop down to WH Smiths and pick up a copy. You can find my 1940s Knitwear artical on page 40 and do check out my add on page 45.
Time is creeping on and I must get to bed as I have two shows to do tomorrow. Thanks for following Toodle Pip and Bye for now!