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What’s In a Name?

James and I had a fantastic day at Stoneleigh Militaria yesterday and it was great to meet up with so many friends. I was very good and although I was tempted to buy the odd 1940s suit I  resisted and bought a 1940s wooden bar broach instead. Which is just as well as I am rather over run with vintage clothes – but then thats just me!
Today has been one of those days of tieing up loose ends and one thing I had to sort out was my name Fiona Harrison.
The entertainment bussness is a funny game and one thing you have to sercure very early on in your career is your stage name. This I did 20 years ago when I joined Equity because no-one in Equity can have the same name as yours. However not every one relises just how important this is and if you don’t regester your name it can cause real confusion later on if you have two people doing a simular thing.
I was first made aware of the Soprano Fiona Harrison working at the Welsh National Opera when I recived her TV royalties for her apearance in The Merry Widow some years ago. I sent them back and I was told  she was now using the stage name of Fiona Harrison-Wolf. All sorted – no worries then but it seems she has been using the name Fiona Harrison professionly and now that’s starting to cause a problem with the modern world and Google. I have often been mistaken for her on stage as we don’t look that dissimular. My career took a different path but when I first started singing professionaly I performed in classial concerts before finding a neach for myself as a Soprano and costume artist. So as you can see it’s very important this is sorted out particuly as Fiona is now branching out with a company called Opera Belles.
I rang the Welsh National Opera today and as you can imagine they were very surprized to hear from me so fingers crossed we can get this sorted out soon and I hope Fiona starts useing her double barrel name again.
We’ll time for bed I think. Thank-you for following  and Toodle Pip for now Keep Watching!