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What a Week!

Hello everyone sorry I haven’t blogged for a while but I’ve been so busy and what with one thing and another I’ve had quite a week of it!
 Thursday I was down in Surrey meeting up with film maker Andrew. I had had the pleasure of working with him when I was out in France for D-Day so we spent the day putting the finnishing touches to my Arromanches show reel. I hope to have it up on You Tube very soon so do keep watching – in the mean time we will be adding it to my 1940s page on my web-site so I shall let you know once we get it embeded in.
Friday was a bit of a busy day and it started off so well too. I was out bright and early jogging only to have a manacuire booked for 10am. Had lunch in town niped to Tesco only to stop at a pelican crossing on the way home and then had someone reverse into my passenger door.  Poor Swifty! I love my car so much and I hate to see her hurt – we have been through so much together. So after all that I then had to dash over to Princess Risbough to do a “Hooray for Hollywood” show and then I drove down to Sandwich in Kent for a 1940s day in prep for Saturday!
Saturday went really well, I had been a little worried about it as I wasn’t sure what size rig I would need so I took both my little kit and bigger speakers – quite how I got it all in my car I don’t know dispite the dent but I did! I’m a very deturmaned Woman when I put my mind to it!
In the end I only needed my little kit which was fine. I also had the pleasure of working with a local engineer called Mat who was just fantastic. I was able to find him in the 11 hour having been let down by 2 other engineers at short notice so I hope very much to work with Mat again in the not too distant future- Thank-you ever-so Mat!
I really enjoyed being in Sandwich for this weekend and I hope very much to return one day. While I was there I met up with friends and made lots of new ones – all credit to Jennifer Wilkie who arranged the event – So Well Done!
Must dash now as I have much paper work to catch up with and I need to sort out my car.
Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!