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Victorian Workmanship!

Well it’s all happened this weekend! I only went and flooded the kitchen on Saturday so our poor washing machine was taken away and replaced with a brand new one this morning thank goodness! This weekend was one of the first where I didn’t have a show so I did something almost unheard of  and sat down and watched a film on Saturday night. “Back to the Future 3” which kind of goes a bit with my Steam Punk intrest of late. I hadn’t seen that film in ages but time travel has always intrested me along with Victorian design. Perhaps the Doc could design a Victorian washing machine – one that doesn’t flood!
Sunday I poped over to Rushden and Station 109 Antiques Centre and what a wonderful Antiques Centre station 109 is. I’m really thrilled as I was able to buy an original Victorian jacket which will go with my dress beautifully. I can’t get over the workmanship and corde work – and the best bit is it fits me perfectly. All that’s needed is a new lining. It’s amazing to think that this jacket was made about 1875 and yet it is still going strong. The workmanship is second to none! All I need to do now is to build up the bussel on the back of my dress and I’m all set for “Hands knees and Bomps a Daisy”!
I have another busy week ahead of me now with 4 shows to do and all different from “We’ll Meet Again” to “Putting on the Ritz”. Tomorrow I’m going all 50s and 60s so it’s time to bring out my net underskirts.
We’ll that’s about it from me for tonight other than to congratulate Iain and Laura on their forth comming Wedding due to take place at High Clere Castle next April. Gosh how romantic will that be! I can’t think of a more beautiful setting for a wedding!
Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!