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VE Day and So Much More!

So sorry I’ve not blogged for a few days but it’s been all go and I have so much to tell you all!
Yesterday I was down in Surry working with film maker Clive Ardagh. Last March I met Clive by chance when I was singing at The Chiltern Open Air Museum for Hednas and I asked him if he would make a show reel for me. So yesterday I recorded the introduction and worked on the edit. I always like my show reels to have plenty of cut away shots and I don’t really like them to play for anymore than 3 or 4 minutes. There is nothing worse than a boring You Tube video that drags on! I find it amazing the number of people who think long videos work. They don’t and if the video has been shot from one angle it doesn’t keep the concentration span and you inverably switch off or move onto something eles! So I hope you like my new show reel as I had real fun making it. I’m haveing it up loaded to You Tube in the next few weeks so I will keep you posted.
Today is VE Day and fate is such a funny thing. I should have been heading out to Jersey but the entertainment bussness can be such a roller coaster at times. Sadly my booking fell through so I found myself performing my “We’ll Meet Again” ATS show in Peterborough instead. I’m already booked to return for VJ Day this comming August with my American Swing show “Don’t Sit Under the Appletree” so it’s all go! Tomorrow I have a private Birthday Party and then you can see me in Wendover at The Aces High Art Gallery for their “Dambusters Weekend” taking place this Saturday and Sunday. It’s a chance to meet serviving Veterans of the legendary 617 Squadron and have art worked signed. So do come along if you can as entry is free. More info can be found by clicking onto their web-site
I’m also heading out to France the following weekend and you can catch me singing at the Utah Beach Museum on the 18th and 19th May all through the day. I’m staying in St Mere Eglise so it will be fun to do the American end for a change! It’s the first time I’ve driven abroad on my own and I must remember to drive on the right. I confess I’m a little scared but kind of excited as well as I’ve always had a sound engineer and driver with me before. I’m looking forward to the chanllenge and doing something like this on my own!So I’ll make sure I’ll take my camera.
Oh for all you shoe lovers out there you will be pleased to know I got my Russell and Bromley shoes back today and the repairs are perfect. How they were able to match the leather to my 40s ones I will never know although it would be rather nice to think the leather they used was from that line in the 40s. My black one’s look good too and I’m looking forward to taking them for a walk to check the squeek has gone.
We’ll that’s about it from me for tonight Thank-you for following and Toodle Pip!