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The Original Re-enactors Market!

To-day I have been at the Original Re-Enactors Market which is held 2s a year at Ryton on Dunsmore which is just outside of Coventry. I really enjoy this market as it is attended by creative people and where you can buy everything from a suit of armer to a Victorian corsette. It’s a wonderful place to find insperation and I always enjoy looking at the fabrics in particular the silks and wools. When ever I go I always seem to spend most of my time chatting with the stall holders as they are really intresting to talk to and you can learn alot about period costume and fabrics. There is one stall holder who sells the most wonderful canes and I really fancy one for my Berlington Bertie act. They also stock the Steam Punk look and I’m rather fond of some of their top hats – not that I need another top hat as I have 3 already but I do rather enjoy tring them on never the less particuly as they come in a full range of colours. Check out their web-site
I was also able to make contact with a fantastic wig maker Sandria Reese as I could do with a few new hair pieces. My ringlettes are looking tired and I would like a plat I could wear like a head band Ginger Rodgers style. Today I was just looking but I hope in time I will be able to treat myself. Here is her web-site
I’ve also been looking at boots today as my Victorian lace up ones are starting to wear out and I could do with some new ones but it seems I have rather small feet as most of the boots on display seemed to be around a size 5 and I’m more of a 4! Check out Historical Shoes and Boots 
I’m still keeping my eyes pealed for a smart pair of thigh boots but as yet I haven’t seen what I’m looking for but I shall keep on with the hunt as I know they will come to me in time – things always do!
So a great day all in all – Now I’m back in the office I can let you know I have a new video show reel which has just been up loaded to You Tube. This was taken when I was performing at Sandwich’s 1940s day back in August by a young chap called David Boyle. It’s his very first video and I think you will agree for a first time it’s fantastic so Well Done David and hats off to you! Do check out the link
Well that’s about it from me for tonight thank-you for following and Toodle Pip for Now!