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Stockings and Garters!

I’m sorry I’m a bit late with my blog as I do like to up date every other day but with the Christmas season I have been very busy and last night I was straight to bed after my two shows. Sometimes all I need is sleep so I’ve been trying to catch up today with e-mails and contracts between shows. I’m out bright and early tomorrow with 2 shows again and then it’s nearly Christmas – hasn’t this year gone quickly!
I’m pleased to say that despite the Christmas post I recived my seamed stockings today from that wonderful company What Katie Did. I noticed the other day that my stockings were getting a little worse for wear and when I’m trying to get dressed in the morning Tigger loves to tab them and play with my suspender belt. It’s no wonder I’ve got scratches all over my bottom as he loves to play with the dangly bits! So time for new I thought!
If you like vintage style underwear then do check out their web-site I really recomend them and quite frankly I think they make the best suspender belts going. They really are the best on the market unlike the ones you see in the shops –  feeble and don’t hold! Mind you a year or so ago I thought I would try and wear stockings the oringinal way with garters in my quest for authenisity! How they managed in the 18th century I really don’t know as stockings don’t hold without a suspender belt and as for modern hold ups well I wouldn’t touch those with a 10 foot barge pole. I thought I would be really clever and make my own garters only I made them in satin where I should have used a cotton backed statin ribbon like a ballet shoe ribbon. Ballet ribbon holds and doesn’t slide because of the cotton back but then it’s not until you try these things out that you learn if they work or not.
I was at an event the other day and one chap was making reference but clearly didn’t know the difference so here we go. Stockings are the long shapely tubes which cover the legs and are usely made in nylon or silk, where garters are the prity bands which are worn around the thigh to keep the stockings in place.
Well that’s me done for tonight as I’m back on the road tomorrow with shows in Marlow and Slough. Thanks for following and Toodle Pip for Now!