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A Voice in a Million

Singing for the Historical Society and a Carousel!

Once again it’s just a very quick blog today as I dash between shows after a really busy weekend. On Saturday night I was singing for Houghton Regis Historical Society having been booked to do 3 x 45 min sets. One ATS one 1940s glamour and one 50s and 60s Rock and Roll so by the end of the evening I was really tied as each set required a costume change and I had done a Christmas party in the afternoon before hand! Phew! It was a lovely do and everyone had dressed up for the occasion so I was really pleased to have been chosen to entertain. I also used my bigger rig which in it’s self gave me a good work out and I confess there are times when I wish I was a man! I’m quite strong and I do train my body to throw up speakers but when you are tied it can be hard going – not that I ever let it show! They don’t call me Rhino Woman for nothing! Connie has made such a difference to my life because at least when I turn up to a job I’m confident I have everything I need in my van and if I need my bigger rig I have it to hand!
Yesterday I was over in Saffron Walden singing for another Christmas party and today I’m singing in Milton Keynes. Tonight I’m seeing my dress maker Judi as I’m in need of some new outfits and in desperate need of some new trousers. Everything in the shops these days seems to be skinny fit which isn’t me at all. I like a wide leg with a turn up 1940s style to go with my knit wear and hacking jackets.

Last weekend when I was in Leighton Buzzard they had the Christmas fair and were setting up the Carousel. When every I see a carousel I think of Rodgers and Hammerstein and that wonderful piece of music. I was trying to catch up on my Christmas Shopping while humming that tune about town which reminds me I must get on with my Christmas cards.
Gosh just seen the time must get to my next show.
Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!