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Sights at the Gym!

Today I was back in the gym having a really good work out as I love to exersise but my word don’t you see some sights! What is it about white young men in the gym they seem to go out of their way to look a fright. Baggy T-Shirts, ill fitting chopped off jogging bottoms which I think were surposed to be shorts – rather low slung and in this case when the chap bent over we saw the most shocking pair of pink underpants! I guess they must have been a present! I didn’t know where to look!
Then by contrast we see the most beautiful black man ever – perfectly formed and corectly turned out in more ways than one! I hope that other man was taking notes quite frankly If I had been on reception I would have sent him home to change! Really!
Well apart from being shocked by bad turn out at the gym I was out today buying new speaker stands as my knobs keep breaking and falling off. With 200 shows a year + my stands are up and down all the time and the screws get very worn so it was time for a new pair. Can you belive this though I had my car valeted while I was at the gym as we have a car wash place just behind. I loaded all my equipment back into the car and drove to Dunstable which is about 20mins away. Quite unawear I had forgotten to shut the boot. With it being such a hot day I never even noticed and just thought the chap had made a really good job of cleaning my windows. The fact I could no longer see the rear windscreen wiper or break light in the midle never even dawned on me. It wasn’t until I parked up at Dunstable that I even noticed! What am I like!
I have an apointment tonight to see my dress maker as I have lots of dresses with her at the mo all being altered. Thanks for dropping in and do Keep Watching Bye for Now!