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Shopping for Vintage Fashion & Christmas At The Black Country Living Museum!

Shopping for Vintage with Friends in Mountsorrel!

As you can tell by the lateness of the hour I’m dashing against the clock to get my blog out to you tonight before I head off in the morning to Dudley in the West Midlands to perform at The Black Country Living Museum. As you might expect my Christmas season is now in full swing with me “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” which includes all the usual seasonal favorites. However my shows at The Black Country Living museum will be a little different.

I’ve been engaged this weekend to perform  three shows nightly for their Christmas nights, a selection of popular songs from the Music Hall

Me in my New Reversible Coat!

and Operatic stage along with a few seasonal favorites. I’m looking forward to it immensely and I have a fantastic program planned. I’ve also had a new Victorian leg of mutton sleeved coat made for the occasion which will keep me toasty warm. It’s very heavy. I’ve had it made out of wool and taffeta with a hidden silk lining so this coat should be able to with stand very cold temperatures.

Although I’ve been booked to perform in the Providence Chapel it’s important to be well prepared. Initially I had been asked to sing out-side and with that in mind it’s essential to be properly kitted out and understand what fabrics to wear in order to keep warm.

I have a very busy December ahead of me and fortunately I was able to get my Covid booster jab done on the 30th November. I had been booked in for the 14th Dec but now the booster

All Set for The Christmas Season!

program has been accelerated I was relived to get it done earlier in time for the start of my Christmas season. I did feel a little under par the following day but now I’m fine and raring to go.

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of of heading up to Leicestershire to the True Vintage Fair. It’s been years since I last had the opportunity of visiting a vintage fashion fair and sure enough I found some wonderful treasures. These included a beautiful pair of 1940s navy blue shoes, a hand made poppy corsage by Miss Bella’s Blooms and a late 40s early 50s reversible yellow and black check coat. It was a wonderful day out as I met up with friends and enjoyed a break from singing and all the office work which goes with it.

My Beautiful 1940s Vintage shoes!

I shall leave you with a few of my snaps as I need to pack my bag for tomorrow. Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉