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Shooting at Earsham Hall!

Me peaking out from my dressing room at Earsham Hall

 I’ve just got back from a couple of days away in Suffolk working with talented photographer Angela Adams. I met Angela last year when she engaged me to sing for her mothers birthday party and she mentioned she was a professional photographer. Angela has a studio at Earsham Hall and we were granted special permission by the family to shoot in the house hence my visit. As I’m sure many of you already know I like to have my dresses recorded and photographed for my web-site and the one page I feel is missing is my 1920s and 30s one. So this was a wonderful opportunity I couldn’t let slip.
I think I must be a Gypsy at heart as I love to travel and I’m so lucky in that I get to meet and work with some really talented people. So often when I work with photographers we take hundreds of photos just to get that perfect shot. Angela works in a very different way. As a model she would direct me often asking me to move the slightest thing. In many cases I would have to hold the pose for a long time often pushing my body into what feels at the time odd shapes. But from Angela’s angle the perfect photo, so I can’t wait to see the photos – but I’m going to have to be pacent.

Earsham Hall

 Angela had to dash off straight afterwards to Brighton so it may be three weeks or so before I get to see them but it’s been a wonderful experience so thank-you Angela for inviting me and to Annabel Stretton-Derham for granting us permission to shoot in the hall. Do check out the Earsham Hall web-site and you will be able to see just how beautiful the house is – perfect for a wedding!
I myself have a few snap shots of my own so here I am on the Earsham Hall stair case looking ever-so glamorous in my vintage fox fur.

Me looking Glam on the Stairs at Earsham!

Angela and I started shooting at 9.30am and we had planed to finish at 2.30pm 3.00pm. As with anything I do I always bring more costumes than I need just to give choice and just as we were about to wrap at 3.30pm a gentleman tuned up in a 1929 Ford A class. Well as you can imagine it was too good an opportunity to miss so thank-you Geoffrey for letting us borrow your car Jezebel. I shall e-mail you the photos when they come through! It was 5pm when we eventually got away but well worth it so I guess it must have just been fate Geoffrey turning up when he did!
By the end of the shoot I was really tired and these last few days I have been staying with Brian and Ursula at The Somerton Guest House in Lowestoft. A wonderful B&B so if you are looking for somewhere to stay in Lowestoft I would really recommend it. Brian and Ursula made me really welcome and I even had a room with a sea view. Checkout their web-site
The last time I was in Lowestoft was back in the late 90s and back then the town was looking a little run down but not now. The beach is all sand and really beautiful. I did rather wish I had a bucket and spade as I haven’t made sand castles in years but sadly I ran out of time!
Today I had a Tea Dance in Saffron Walden so staying over an extra night in Lowestoft worked out rather well. Saturday I’m down to Maidstone in Kent for the Odyssey show. I’ve been wanting to go to that show for ages as it is a multi period show and I love history. Only I can’t decide what period to go as as I do so many. Don’t forget you can catch me this Tuesday at The Rolls Royce Pavilion, Moor Lane, Derby with my We’ll Meet Again show but more details of that later.
Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!

Somerton Guest House