Hello one and all and welcome to my news page. Here you can see me as my two alter egos the ever efficient secretary Prudie Jones, Evette the Spivette and plain old little me as you catch up with all that is current in my world. Regrettably unlike Prudie my spelling is quite frightful at the best of times due to my dyslexia so I shall apologise now for anything which might be shamefully mis-spelt. In the mean time I hope you find this page fun, entertaining and informative and become a regular visitor to my site.

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A Voice in a Million

Salute to the 40s on film, GI Jive and Scotish Snaps!

My GI Jive WAC Show!

Firstly I’d like to thank David Boyle for putting together a wonderful show reel of my performances at Chatham’s “Salute to the 40s” from last Septembers show. It’s great to have a record of events and what better way of capturing the moment than to have a film made. In fact I hope to invest quite a bit in film over the next few years so keep watching and I shall keep you posted!
If you haven’t yet seen my show reel then just click onto the You Tube button in the top left hand corner of my web-site and it’s the first film you come to. As soon as my sight goes mobile we will be including a video and show reel page which will make viewing a great deal easier so something to look forward to!

Me in my Tartan at Bella’s Burns Night!

Yesterday I was performing in Harrow at the Middlesex New Synagogue my “GI Jive” show which I have to say went down really well. Trudy the lady who booked me very kindly invited me to lunch before hand and I had a really interesting chat with a gentleman about musical arrangements. Many of the arrangements I use have a Jewish influence and when I think about it my favourite composers and lyricists are Jewish too. I use alot of Andrew Sisters style arrangements in my act which are very Jewish in their construction so needless to say my “GI Jive” show was a real hit with Monday’s audience!
For those of you who follow me on face book you will have probably have seen my photos from Bella’s Burns Night. Today I was e-mailed a couple thanks to photographer Paul Watkins and here you can see me in traditional dress. It’s traditional in Scotland for ladies to wear a white dress with a tartan sash when attending a ball and for those of you who know me will know I have an outfit for every occasion.
Well it’s getting late and I want to be up and out early to the gym tomorrow as I’m having lunch with my friend Betty Page. When ever I dine out I always like to have a good work-out first. I’m just getting back into the swing of things after twisting my ankle and it was my first time back to the gym today after my accident.
That’s about all my news for now. I’ve shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday before going away to Stoneleigh for the Militaria fair. There are one or two things I need and I always enjoy catching up with friends. Time for bed now I think. Thanks for following and Toodle Pip!