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Rocking with the WI!

It’s been a busy couple of days one way and another with my “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” Shows and yesterday evening I was performing over in Bedford for the WI. For those of you who don’t know the WI is the “Womens Instistute” the most wonderful organisation and to whom I owe a lot because that’s how I started out. I first started putting together my own shows when I was 19 having come from the Am Dram scene. From there I went on and became a Red Coat which gave me a way onto the professional stage and my WI bookings helped me to earned my Equity card. So I owe the WI alot. I always enjoy performing for them and I’ve just recived a lovely e-mail thanking me for last nights performance which was really my pleasure. Thank-you for inviting me!
Today I have been over in Oxfordshire performing in Didcot which was a bit of an early one as I had to be on stage for 10.30am and this afternoon I was singing in Aylesbury. Tomorrow I’m in Berkhamsted so It’s all go and no let up but then that’s the way I like it. Fingers crossed it continues into next year. I’ve been able to sell over 90 dates so far but the entertainment busness is a fickle game – you can be in favour one moment and out the next so I never like to count my chickens!
It seems my green dress has been a real hit this season! However I came off stage the other day only to realise I had done my whole show with my pettiecoat caught in my knickers. How on earth did I manage that? You would have thought someone would have told me!
Well  I must dash now as I have loads of Christmas Cards to do and as ever I’m failing.
Thanks for following and Toodle Pip for Now!