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Please let me punch the Car Salesman!

Today I have been trying to sort out a car or should I say a Van. I had no idear just how many shapes and sizes cars come in but trying to find something to suit seems imposible! There are times when I really wish I were a man because all the sales men are – and I don’t like the look of any of them! Put it this way I wouldn’t want to buy a car off any of them but then my exsperance has taught me not to trust men!
Car sales men seem to be a cirtain type of breed and they all look really dodgy! All they do is stand around paying you lip service and eyeing you up as totty! I hate it!
I’ve got 3 days to sort something out and I know I’m going to get wriped off. I just know it! I saw a Peugeot Expert Deizel van today which sort of looked ok with 58000 on the clock for £6200 + Vat is that good? I asked to test drive but guess what couldn’t because there was only one man on! Hmmm I saw two men and I bet the reason why I couldn’t test drive was because I’m a woman. If I went up and punched the salesman on the nose would that make me more manly I wonder!
On with the hunt and I shall try the internet tomorrow although one guy did surgest the car auction over in Bedford but I don’t think I could face that!
Changing the subject – some good news my new Music Hall page is now up and running on  my web-site so do check out my page at
Time for something to eat I think! Toodle Pip and thanks for dropping in!