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Pintrest and Downton Abbey!

Today I have been trying to get to grips with Pintrest but I have a feeling I’m still putting my web-site in the wrong place and I can’t remember how to put it in the right place! Still I’m learning and I have lots of great photos to pin up but I guess these things just take time.
I’ve been catching up with e-mails today too and I’m looking forward to clearing my desk and sitting down to watching  Downton Abbey tonight.
What a wonderful program Downton is although I can’t get over Sir Anthony walking out on Lady Edith and we all thought him such a gentleman too! I’ve rather grown to like lady Edith where Sybil had always been my favourite before. But quite frankly if anyone had jilterd a sister of mine at the aulter I would have been the first to have jumped up and punch the scoundral on the nose! Maybe I would have made for the perfect militant suffragette had I have been born back then. In the mean time I hope all comes right at Downton and if Lady Edith finds that wedding dress too painful to look at I would be more than pleased to take it off her hands. I just loved it with the cross over back and train. I think that satin was Dutchess satin, but what ever it was it was quite beautiful. So I shall sign off now and settle down to a bit of Antques Roadshow and ofcourse wonderful Downton Abbey! Toodle Pip! And do Keep Watching as I hope to have the new photos here in the next few days! ;->