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Part 3 – D-Day Tour 2018 – Bayeux to Arromanches!

Paul and I in Arromanches!

Welcome back to my final episode as I tell you about my Normandy shows. Firstly just to keep you up to date this week  it’s been hats on as I’ve been out every-day performing “A Day at the Races” style shows to tie in with Royal Ascot week. Don’t forget you can also see me this weekend at Milton Keynes museum, Mc Connell Drive MK12 5EL performing for the

The Veterans Show in Arromanches!

Out for Lunch with The Dumas Family!

Sight Seeing in Bayeux!

museums Victorian weekend. I’m booked to perform 2 x 30 minute shows daily at 11.30am and 3.30pm one glamour set and one in my top hat and tails Vesta Tilly style. So I look forward to seeing you.

Back to Normandy. On the 6th June Paul and I were called upon to sing for the veterans D-Day dinner in Arromanches. Once again this was a private affair and as the weather was still a little inclement I decided to wear my ATS uniform. Paul and I made our way into town early as we were booked to sing at the Salle des Fates. The 2018 ceremonies were very emotional as this year it was possible for individuals to lay a wreath in memory of their loved ones.

Our show wasn’t until the evening and started at 6pm. Paul and I sang as the veterans arrived and during their meal. It was lovely to see them enjoying themselves singing along and in some cases having a dance to the music after dinner. Outside the public were enjoying a 1950s rock and roll tribute band in the square while inside the Salle des Fates we delighted the veterans with the music of Vera Lynn, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller which couldn’t have gone better.

Jerome’s Book La Grande Guerre!

Visiting Port en Bessin!

By the 7th and 8th June Paul and I were looking forward to a couple of days off from performing so we decided to do some sight seeing. On the 7th we met up with our friends the Dumas’s for lunch in Bayeux. The cathedral is one of my favorite haunts and when ever I visit Normandy I always like to pay the cathedral a visit which is extremely impressive. Bayeux certainly isn’t short of museums, restaurants, cake shops and yummy tea rooms and the architecture is both inspiring and interesting to look at. While we were at lunch Jerome very kindly presented us with his latest book which is something Paul and I will both treasure.

On Friday we visited the town of Port en Bessin which is famous for it’s fabulous fish restaurants. We also spent much of the day preparing for our final show which was due to take place on the 9th June out side the 6th June museum in the center of Arromanches. We had been booked to sing for a straight through 2 hours music from the 1940s, 50s and 60s just prior to the firework display commencing at 9.30pm. All day it rained and by 4pm it started to clear up. I wasn’t too worried as I know Normandy weather of old and this year I had come prepared.

In the past I’ve had all sorts of beautiful evening dress made only to find there has been a change in the weather and I’ve not been able to wear them. This year  I wasn’t going to be caught out so I had a green coat made and lined in silk Dior style so I wouldn’t be cold and I would be protected from the elements. Just before we were due to leave I received a call from the organizer to say they had moved the show from out doors into the Salle des Fates which meant I needed to do a quick costume change. Fortunately I always carry a spare and I was able to wear my French flag dress instead as Paul and I sang through to 11.30pm.

Final Show at the Salle des Fates!

Due to the weather we were concerned that people wouldn’t be able to find us in the Salle des Fates. As we sat and had dinner the streets of Arromanches looked very quite and at one point we wondered if anyone would come to the show at all. By the 9th June most of the Normandy visitors had gone home. As it turned out neither Paul and I needed to worry, by 9.30pm the hall was packed full with local people. Standing room only as the sound and lighting crew had rigged up an out door speaker which was attracting every-one into the hall. At one point we even had dancing in the street as we moved from the 40s and performed Rock and Roll classics from the 1950s and 60s.

Perhaps not surprisingly my French songs went down very well with the audience although the song which got the most applause was my new Cilla Black song “You’re My World”, which just goes to show how things are changing!

On the Ferry Home to Portsmouth!

On Sunday 10th Paul and I were on the ferry sailing back to Blighty. We are already looking forward to next year as dates are starting to fill and there is a lot of excitement in the air about the 75th anniversary. Already much of the accommodation has been booked up and we made a point of booking our accommodation for 2019 before leaving. I’m so pleased we did as prices are going up!

That’s all my news for now Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉