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Onward and Upwards!

We’ll I’m just back from the Chap Ball and what a smart event it was too. It was lovely to see all the ladies and gentleman beautifuly dressed and to see the new trends comming through on the Vintage fashion scene. The 1940s is most cirtainly falling from favour with a strong push towards Victorian and Steam Punk. Musicaly things are going back to the 1920s and there were no shortage of  20s and 30s evening dresses on display. I also saw quite a few ladies in strapless 1950s cocktail dresses which is always a good look I think. Some of the outfits which stood out for me and cut the dash was Laura the lady dressed in her Edwardian Hasars costume, Pandora who wore an origainal black beaded 1920s dress and made a lovely head dress to go with it, and two ladies who sady I didn’t catch the names of but one had a full lengh original 1950s strapless evening dress and  brocade evening coat which see wore with a ruby and diamond necklace and earings set. The other lady wore a Victorian Red Bussel dress and when I asked her waist size she said 20 inc Wow! So a very smart event! I made friends with 2 ladies who are purveyors of fine shoes and handbags and their company is called Miss L Fire so if you like vintage style shoes do take a look – here is their web-site and belive me they have some wonderful styles!
The entertainment was very creative with a great high wire act and I loved the band whos name I can’t remember now but they were so wacky and the music was 1st World War 1920s fabulous! All in all it was a great night and I met up with so many lovely people and my partner James, who is the perfect gentleman! Thank-you for being my partner James it was lovely to be with you!
Monday tomorrow and back to work with a straight through run of Christmas shows which will take me up to the 31st – so non stop! Tonight I will be meeting up with the South Beds Concert Band as they would like me to sing for them for a show next March so I need to sort out some of my Band Parts. I’m looking forward to meeting them all as they are about 30 strong and I quite fancy doing some Rodgers and Hammerstein. They have a good French horn section and that sort of music would work well with the line up I think, but we will just have to see!
I also have quite a few up dates to make to my fashion page and I’ve been sorting photos and working through designs. I hope you like the new photos added to this my blog page. Well I think that’s everytthing for now thanks for following and Toodle Pip!