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A Voice in a Million

One of those Days!

Do you know there are times when I could really let rip and say naughty words but I wont – and today started off so well too!
There I was working out in the gym this morning getting ready to start on paper work this afternoon only to find when I got back problems with our motor insurance. It’s a nightmere being a Diabetic and a Singer insurers wont insure you to drive a van if it’s not yours nor will they insure another driver to drive the van if the use is different from the main insurers ocupation. This has put me in a real fix as I can’t get my full sound system in the back of my car and there are the odd occations when I need to take a van for the 6 speakers so I don’t know what to do. It’s no wonder people don’t bother with insurance and if Equity’s First Act Insurance can’t help me there’s no where eles to turn!
It’s lucky I only need my little rig this weekend for the Isle of Wight but I could do with the van for Wales at the end of August so I’m really worried. I guess what I need is a bigger car!
I remember when I was first diagnosed with Diabeties my Doctor said if you keep a good balance it shouldn’t stop you from doing anything and I always have. But there are times like this when it really is a problem made worse by being a singer!
I could just screem as I can’t see a way around the problem!