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Oh What a Week!

The Prince Regent Hotel – Chigwell

 Hello every-one sorry I’ve not blogged much this week but I’ve not stopped with it being Armed Forces weekend and all and I have so much to tell you. As usual I’ve had shows all this week and this weekend started off with me singing down in Leytonstone for The Ex Serviceman’s Club. I went down a day early and the club very kindly put me up at The Prince Regent Hotel in Chigwell which was just lovely. Sometimes it’s great to get away and by arriving a day early I was able to be on hand for the club for Friday. The club had really gone to town and had non stop entertainment through the day with Steve Lucas and local chap Billy who payed music through out. 

Armed Forces Day Cake

I wasn’t on stage until 9.15pm and in fact I was booked at short notice as the artist who was booked originally had to pull out due to a death in the family. I was billed as a Wartime Extravaganza – so I opened with my “We’ll Meet Again” ATS set and finished with my 40s glamour set. I didn’t finish until 12.30am and by the time I had packed up it was 1.30am before I was able to hit the road. A very full day but a great day and a wonderful event to have been part of. So thank-you Ray Gross for inviting me I’ve never seen anyone work so hard as you. Your club should be very proud of you and clearly the members are if this cake is anything to go by donated by one of your ladies.

e with Chelsea Pensioners Dave Thomson, John Back & the Mayor

Main Stage – Armed Forces Day

The wonderful thing about being a singer is  I get to go to so many different places and meet so many interesting people. While I was at Leytonstone I met Chelsea pensioners Dave Thomson and John Back + the mayor. Before sitting on an ice cube. I then tried to dry my bottom off on a stage light before sticking it under the hand dryer before the march. Chelsea pensioner Dave said he would show me what to do as I’ve never done square bashing. Although he did say I should lead with the heel and not the toe as I march a bit like a gay chorus boy. To which I said with a wink and a smile “Where do you think they get it from darling”. Gay men love me and want to be me – that’s 25 years of Ballet for you ha ha!
So a big thank-you to every-one at Leytonstone Ex- Serviceman’s Club for making me feel so welcome and congratulations on staging such a wonderful event!
By the time I got back to Leighton Buzzard it was gone 3am. I didn’t get to bed until 4am but I was back on the road for 10am as I was booked to sing for Buckinghamshire’s Armed Forces Day. They were expecting 10.000 people and as the afternoon wore on I think they must have exceeded that. I opened the event on the main stage and I also did the 3pm slot in the tea tent. Much as I would have liked to have stayed I had to make tracks as I had another show that evening over in Oxfordshire for the Adderbury Bowls Club. I was forchat in that they gave me the early slots which meant I could do both jobs. While I was there I met some great people. The ladies choir from High Wycome who sounded fantastic and lovely singer Gemma Aguilar. We were all sharing the same dressing room and it was lovely to meet you all.

Marching with the Military!

It was a shame I couldn’t stay as the event was really starting to swing and take shape as they had marching bands and all sorts. Just as I left they had a spitfire fly over + other air displays as the band played the Dam Busters theme tune. But then when you are a professional singer you have to get to places on time and can’t always stay.
Adderbury Bowls club was a lovely event and once again I was booked to do 2 x 45 minute 1940s shows. I had a good journey over from Aylesbury’s Armed Forces day and I was even able to stop off and have Dinner on the way. I do confess that by the end I was really tied as I have really pushed myself this weekend. I do feel a great sense of achievement because I did it on my own – all by myself and that does make me feel very proud.
I have shows all this week from Tuesday with 2 garden parties booked back to back for Saturday so once again its going to be all go. Speaking of which I must get to bed.
Thank-you for following and I hope you like the photos. I shall post up a few more of my weekend on my face book pages. So thank-you for following and Toodle Pip!