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Oh What a Night!

It’s bank holiday and it’s been pritty non-stop! Last night I was performing in Baldock with the wonderful Paul Casper – George Formby and 60s act Al for “Roll Back the Years” and what a great night we had too. It was wonderful to see Paul again and meet his lovely girl friend Cheri from OZ. The last time I had the pleasure of working with Paul was a year ago when we played together at Bassingbourne so it was great to catch up!
I have to be honnest I’m not really a great fan of George Formby but when Paul does it I am! That’s the mark of a truly great entertainer wouldn’t you say! Last night I was the sandwich, and did my 1950s and 60s act in the middle. Then we all danced the night away to Al who closed the night with a wonderful 60s set. Oh What a Night! George Formby was dirty dancing with Cheri – I blew Georges whistle, Al played on and I ended up going home with James Dean! – Such Fun!
Now I come to think about it – how did I end up with James Dean and what am I going to do with him now I’ve got him? I’m sure something will surgest it’self although he does stands very tall!
A big thank-you to Tony and Marie who booked us all and to my friend Maud who came too so lets hope we can do it all again soon I had a really great time!

Today I have been out and about singing for a Tea Dance in Wendover. Next week I shall be singing for a Dambusters Weekend taking place at Aces High Art Gallery which is also in Wendover. It will be a chance to meet serviving Veterans from the legendary 617 Squadron and to have art work signed so do come along if you can as entry is free and it would be lovely to see you there.
Oh before I forget just to fill you in with the latist about my Russell and Bromley shoes I got a call and they have been able to fix both pairs. So no more squeek and they were able to repair my 1940s ones for which there was no charge. It just goes to show it pays to buy quality. I exspect the reason there was no charge for my 1940s ones was because they were thrilled to see them and to know that shoes that old are still being worn and greatly loved! Sadly I’m too busy to drive down to Chichester this month so I’m having them sent. It’s a shame as I do love Chichester and any excuse to visit but I’m really too busy this month to break away from work.
Well that’s about it from me for tonight tomorrow I’m playing in Great Missenden and then I’m in Surry on Tuesday before heading off to Peterbough for VE Day.
Thanks for following and Toodle Pip!