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Off to Nether Whitacre, Back in the Gym and My New Vintage Magazine!

Back in the Gym!

Back in the Gym!

This week has been something of a catch up and for those of you who follow me on facebook will know I’m off to Nether Whitacre Nr Birmingham this Saturday. I’m booked to perform for a 1940s evening at the Village Hall on the 3rd October so if you are free it would be lovely to see you there. Tickets are available from Lynda Gascougne on 01675 463156. Only a few tickets remain so hurry as I would hate for you to miss out. I have been engaged to perform a 1940s glamour set Rita Hayworth style and to include lots of wonderful tunes for all you dancers. So bring your dancing shoes and we look forward to seeing you at the Hall. I think doors open at 7.30pm but do check with Lynda first just incase.

Since returning home from France I’ve been keen to get back to the gym and to re look at my training regime. It’s hard to work out and go running when I’m touring and I have been on the road a great deal these last two months. However on Wednesday I signed up with a personal trainer and I’m looking forward to getting started on Monday. I haven’t worked with a trainer since 2004 so I know my excercise regime is long over due for a re-vamp. It’s good to shake things up a bit and to look at new ways of exercising. I confess after my try-out on Wednesday I could feel new muscles working which just goes to show my body needed a new approach. I usually run three times a week and I work out in the gym once a week but now I’ve signed up for three times a week for four weeks and I’m really looking forward to getting started.

It’s important to have a muse and for me that’s Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds”. I’m not that far off it and I’m keen to lose about 6 kg. It’s important to excercise with intelligence and be very clear about the shape you want to sculpture. It’s amazing what can be achieved if you put the work in and I’ve swapped my lunch time sandwich for a bowl of poriage which I also have for breakfast made from water. I’m already starting to see the results and it’s only been 7 days. Every day I exercises my tummy muscals and it wont be long now before I have it flat again. That’s holidays for you – but then I’ve always been very fond of French bread!

Today I’ve been with Rachel my web-designer working on my new Vintage Magazine. We had hoped to launched it in September but I’ve just been too busy what with one thing and another. Fingers crossed and all being well it will be the end of October. I keep coming up with new ideas and more content which doesn’t help. The page designs I’ve seen so far are looking fantastic so I shall keep you posted. When it’s done you will be able to access the magazine on-line through my media page and I look forward to sharing it with you once we have it compleated.

Next week I’m off to Woodbridge in Suffolk, Elstree and Amersham before Paul takes me away to somewhere delightful on the 9th for my Birthday weekend. In fact it’s a week of birthdays my mothers is on the 4th Paul is on the 7th and I’m on the 10th so we are all Liberians.

That’s all my news for now. Keep Watching and Toodle Pip! 😉