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Off Down to Hurstpierpoint & The South Coast!

Off Down to West Sussex!

This week I’ve been out performing every day and I’m now getting ready to head off on tour this Monday as I work my way along the south coast. Once again there never seems to be enough hours in the day as I’ve been trying my best to squeeze in as much paper work as I can between shows. I’ve been working hard to sell the year and I’m thrilled the Black Country Living Museum have booked me for their 1940s event this coming July. I was all set to go to Normandy after the Queens Jubilee weekend in June to perform at The Liberation Ball at Bretteville l’ Orgueilleuse. That event has now been

The Girl in the Little Green Hat!

rescheduled to the Autumn and I’m juggling dates to fit every-one in.

So far the year is looking very positive but like every-one I’m concerned about the war in Ukraine and how this might escalate into a full blown third World War. It’s heart breaking to see families fleeing their homes with only what they can carry and nothing more. The bravery of the Ukrainian people is to be commended and I can’t believe this is happening in 2022. It’s like something out of the last century. It just goes to show we are all living through very uncertain times where no-ones home is secure and my thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people at this terrible time.

It’s just a short blog today as I need to crack on with my packing and organise myself for the week ahead. I’m opening my tour with my Battle of Britain show “Those Magnificent Men” at Danny House in Hurstpierpoint  before making my way along the coast and finishing in Farnham as I start to work my way home backup the country. If I’m able to fit it in I’d like to make a trip to the recording studio between shows to pick up my new musical arrangement of the song “The Girl in the Little Green Hat”. This will be a wonderful addition to my Easter Bonnet show and I can’t wait to sing it.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉