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From The Oak to Normandy and Luscious Lips!

Kim and I Out for Lunch at The Oak!

Kim and I Out for Lunch at The Oak!

Dressed for the Weather and Off Up to Linconshire!

Dressed for the Weather and Off Up to Linconshire!

Its been a very busy and productive week what with one thing and another. On Tuesday Paul and I were up in Linconshire for a presentation despite the cold snowy weather and then yesterday I was performing at the Town Hall in Brackley. I was booked to perform in Cabaret so I sang a real mixture of music from opera, Big Band and Swing to songs from the shows and musicals. I’ve also been tieing up lots of loose ends and I’m pleased to announce I will be returning to Normandy and Ste Marie du Mont for D-Day and the 6th June. I already have some new songs in production so it’s time to get practicing my French. I’ve also arranged to do another photo shoot with talented photographer Angela Adams in August. I’ve booked to stay at The Control Tower B and B at Egmere in Norfolk which has been lovingly refurbished in the Art Deco style and will make for a wonderful location. I’ve lots of ideas and outfits I wish to record as many of these photos will be used to accompany one of my future articles so it’s important I plan ahead.

Today has also been fruitful as I’ve been booked to return to Northcot Court for Norfest in May – something I’m really looking forward to. I’ve also been out and about enjoying lunch with my dear friend Kim at the Oak in Aston Clinton. A wonderful pub restaurant and as I made sure I went for a good run before hand I really enjoyed my lunch. When Kim and I get together we are rather like Hinge and Bracket and today we really did have a good old girly nater over lunch. It was so lovely to see you Hinge! 😉 After lunch I met up with my web-designer Rachel and we were able to put the finishing touches to an advert I will be placing in a special VE Day Bookerzine for WH Smiths. So as you can see things have been really busy!

As for fashion tips this time it’s all about luscious lips and how to keep your lip-stick in place. The best lip-sticks to buy are mat ones rather than gloss as they are easier to keep in place once you blot and powder. I sometimes use a max factor lip infinity as a base coat and then I add my 1940s red mat lip stick over the top followed by blotting, powder and lipcote. Once you have done this your lipstick will stay in place and will only need to be touched up after eating .

That’s all my news for now and I really must get to bed.

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