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New Years Eve at The Chesterfield Part Two!

Me with the Earl of Chesterfield!

Hello every-one and welcome back to part two of my blog. It’s been all go this month but my final show of the season was performing New Years Eve at The Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair. It was my first time at The Chesterfied but I truly hope it wont be my last as I was extremely well looked after by the hotel staff and Julia of Cultural Breaks.
I have very few fears but driving and parking in London is one of them – not that I had anything to worry about here. The hotel took care of everything and Connie was parked for me by the  door man and when it came to unloading I wasn’t short of help either! Sometimes these things can be such a scramble!

The Library – A lovely place to have tea at The Chesterfield!

The Chesterfield is what I would describe as an old English hotel in style with lots of hunting and shooting portraits and looks a little like a gentleman’s club. It’s located in the heart of Mayfair and has a rich and varied history. Just off Berkeley Square, Charles Street was part of the land holding owned by Lord Berkeley. The street was named after King Charles 1 and was constructed between 1745 -1750. This area of London has always been known as “the abode of rank and fashion” so I felt very honoured to have been chosen to perform for New Years Eve.

Me in the foyer!

I’m very interested in old buildings and the Chesterfied wasn’t always a hotel – it started life as three private residences 34-36.
Over the years it has had many interesting and distinguished occupants including the Christian Socialist Edward Vansittart Neale, the agriculturist Colonel Sir Robert Fitzhardinge Kingscote and in the 1830s Francis Jeffrey, Lord Advocate of Scotland.  A friend to “men of letters”. In 1943 all three houses were joined together and formed annexes for the English Speaking Union with the Chesterfield opening it’s doors as a hotel in 1973.
I wasn’t quite sure how large a space I would be entertaining in as London hotels can vary so much in size. As it transpired the room was much smaller than I expected so I only required my small rig and it had a lovely feel to it – beautifully dressed and very cosy.

My Bedroom

All the guests had been to the theatre before hand some to the Ballet at Covent Garden and some to see The Woman in Black so I was a little worried that I might lose my audience due to tiredness. However all was well and I performed a mix program of Opera Musical theatre, Big Band and Swing to a little Rock and Roll at the end after the fireworks. I also enjoyed dinner with the guests and stayed the night. How wonderful!
I’m back home now and on with 2014. My diary is filling up nicely and dates are selling well for

Relaxing after my show!

2014. I don’t start singing again until the 9th January so I have a few days to sort out my paperwork. I always like to take a break in January and work on my accounts as this last year has been non stop. I can’t quite belive it but I successfully clocked up 265 shows last year and 89 dates have already sold for this year so much to do.

Sound Checking at The Chesterfield!

Thank-you every-one for your support and it’s lovey to hear when I’m out and about  that so many of you enjoy reading my blogs. So many of my shows these days are private functions but you will be able to see me in April at The 1940s Family Experience at the Lincolnsfield Centre, Bushy on the 5th 6th. I will be returning to Normandy for D-Day from the 3rd – 10th June and singing at the American end in Ste Marie du Mont. Times and venues to follow soon. In August you will be able to catch me on the 2nd 3rd at the Isle of Wight Steam railway performing for their Victorian weekend and on 9th Aug I shall be going WW1 in Houghton Regis and at The Shuttleworth Museum on the 10th for two WW1 days. In September I shall be back at the Historic Dock yard in Chatham on the 20th 21st for “Salute to the 40s” so do keep watching and I shall keep you posted as events appear.
Happy New Year every-one thank-you for following and Toodle Pip!