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Net Book Crash!

 Not that I ever have – but now might just be the time to start smoking! Can you belive it another net book crash. Ever since I have tried to go over to this sytem it has been one problem after another. Same old re- ocurring problem the arrow keys stop working and shuffle about.
I’ve spent a futune on trying to fix this problem and no sooner the problem is fix it re-ocures with-out warning just when you are about to start singing. I’ve had enough and I’ve decided to ditch the whole sytem along with I Pad 2 – what a waist of time and money the pair have been. Both are unrelable and unusable for a professional singer. I’m going back onto mini disk I just can’t keep taking the risk in performance and no way will I be taking either out to France with me. Lucky I always carry back-up. I fear this is an oman I’m very superstishous and both of these systems have brought me bad luck. They were set up by my ex-boy friend and I feel fate is telling me to get rid of every-thing to do with him. I’m looking forward to meeting up with my new sound engineer this Friday. One thing I’ve learn’t – if you want a job doing always go to a professional!