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Naughty Me!

For those of you who have been following my blog you will know I was a bit naughty after Christmas and I ended up being flashed in High Wycombe on my way to the recording studio. The speed camera caught me doing 34 in a 30 because I was singing and not paying the attention I should have been to the road. So I decided to take the  driving course option yesterday and very intresting it was too. I hate to say it but I think I have fallen into some rather bad habits with regards my driving and become a little slap dash –  I really enjoyed the course! It does make you think much more and today I was being really careful driving to and from my show.
It was very intresting to see all the different types of people on the course from all walks of life. We had the smart bussness woman, the cocky Jack the lad, the really old chap who loves speed, a lorry driver, the quite ones who never said a thing and the odd ball in the corner which was me. I was the only one who took her sandwiches and durring the break I sat in the corner and watched how the men all sat in their little groups and the women in theirs. It’s intresting to see how people are drawn together. It rather made me think it would make a good setting for a play. They are always the most intresting when you get people from all walks of life thrown together in one room for the first time and then the story unfolds-ofcourse there usaly has to be a murder and lots of suspence!
Today I started on Valentine shows in Hazlemere and it was nice to include a few modern love songs instead. While I was there the snow started to fall and it looked a little like Christmas. I hope it doesn’t lay as I’m in Hemel Hempsted tomorrow and then Wendover.
Well I must finish off the rest of my paper-work as I still have quite a few contracts to do.
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