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My Fair Lady & A Song for Spring!

On Stage as Eliza Doolittle!

It’s just a very quick blog tonight as I’m a little between seasons as I go from  “My Fair Lady” and forward on into Spring and Easter . I’d like to begin by thanking Bea for inviting me to perform “My Fair Lady” at Portobello Place last Sunday for Mother’s day. Sadly Saturday’s “My Fair Lady” show had to be rescheduled due to a Covid outbreak but I was still able to perform in the garden with a different show which didn’t require costume changes and script.

Covid is still very much among us and I’m often having to turn shows around on a pin head adapting to what ever challenges the day brings. “My Fair Lady” is a complicated show and there is so much for me to remember which means I always have to rehearse it before performing the show to a paid audience. However every-time I do I think I get a little better which just goes to show practice really does make perfect.

Happy Mothers Day at Portobello Place!

Next week I start on the Spring/Easter season and I’m dying to try out my new song “The Girl in the Little Green Hat”. Some of you may remember Will Young singing this song in the 2005 film “Mr Henderson Presents” which told the story of the Windmill Theater in London during the 1930s & 40s. It’s my favorite film and I’m thrilled to add this number to my Easter Bonnet show and also to my Wrens show too. It’s slightly nautical which is why it makes for a good fit and Easter wouldn’t be Easter with-out a song or two about hats.

Me as The Girl in the Little Green Hat for Easter!

Once again Richard has produced a wonderful arrangement for me and I plan to sing the number a Bletchley Park later this year when I open their concert season on the 6th August. Perhaps not surprisingly I’m keeping everything crossed for good weather as last time we had rain and we all had to dash indoors as I performed the second half of my show in the ball room.

In between shows I’m busy trying to arrange a couple of photo shoots this year as I have a number of out-fits I want to document and use in my future videos. I’m going to be very busy with the Jubilee and I have a great run of shows from 23rd May through to the  12th June.

I’m going to leave my blog hear tonight as I must get to bed and I have a number of e-mails I must do in the morning.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉