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A Voice in a Million

London Poppy Day Totals and All Set for Christmas!

Singing for London Poppy Day!

I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that we have at last got the totals in. London Poppy Day raised over a million pounds £1,017,000.00 on the day and we at Euston station collected £22,614.72. for the Royal British Legion. That’s a whopping 11% increase on last year. This is a phenomenal result and thank-you every-one for your amazing support. I felt very proud to be singing from 8am – 6pm, 30 minutes on 30 minutes off alongside the Poppy collectors at Euston station, raising money for this well worthy charity.

This was the 2nd time I had been invited to sing for London Poppy Day. Last year I was placed at London Bridge but this time I was requested to cover Euston station which is much easier for me to get to when driving down from Leighton Buzzard. I’m no stranger to these sorts of events having played Birmingham Poppy Day many times before. The time goes really quickly and afterward I worked out I sang for five and a half hours covering 134 songs

All Set for Christmas!

including my medley compositions.

It’s all about pacing and maybe it is true what they say you don’t get older you just get better. Now I’m in my fifties my voice is in its prime. I can go for longer and not think about it. I have a naturally high soprano voice which sounds young while enjoying the benefits of maturity. Last year I had my Covid jab a few days before which was a little like singing though a cold. This year I took the decision to delay my jab until today which proved to be the right decision so I was able to give my all for London.

As with all these things I don’t have much time to rest and straight afterwards I had a full diary of 1940s ATS Remembrance shows which I played through to the 18th November. With the King’s Birthday on the 14th November I had one “Happy and Glorious” concert to complete and now

Plenty of Christmas Music to Learn!

it’s full steam ahead with the Christmas season.

Sadly I can’t spend too long on my blog today because I start Christmas shows on the 29th November and I have a series of new songs to learn for this season. Shrewdly I picked up my new songs from the studio in January as this time of year is always extremely busy. Richards arrangements are second to none and it means a lot to have them. I’m looking forward very much to adding them into my repertoire.

This year I have a new Christmas opening number “We Need A Little Christmas” which is from the

The Jambusters Vintage Christmas Fair!

American musical “Mame”, A fabulous gospel arrangement of “O Holy Night”, “Let it Snow” which replaces my original track, a medley of “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” with “Carol of the Bells” which I used as the backing track to my Black Country Living Museum Christmas Flicker Book video. I will be officially launching this video in  a few weeks time so keep watching this space and finally the “Candlelight Carol” which was written by John Rutter and is just beautiful.

Next week we are having all our windows replaced so I need to get on with my word learning and Christmas show plans. On the 3rd December I’m engaged to perform for the Jambusters Vintage Christmas Fair which will be taking place at Woburn Village Hall from 11am. I’m booked to perform 2 x 45 minute Christmas sets at 11.30am and 2pm. I’m looking forward to the event very much and I hope I will be able to do some Christmas shopping at the same time too.

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