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Jubilee, A Day at the Races & Singing for The Horse Trust!

Dressed for a Day at The Races!

I feel very proud I’ve been able to work continuously right through from the beginning of May to now. I have my last Jubilee show scheduled for the 24th June and then I’m straight into “Stars and Stripes” shows with the run up to Independence day.

It’s been an extraordinary couple of months and I’m looking forward very much to performing at The Black Country Living Museum on the 9th & 10th July  when I’ve been engaged to perform for their 1940s event. I will have more information about my shows at the end of this month, so keep watching my pages and I shall tell you more about that nearer to the time.

This week I have been predominantly preforming “Happy and Glorious” shows but with a few variations as the season rolls over.  On Tuesday it was the  return of one of my best sellers with the “Magic of the Musicals” and today it’s been “A Day at

Meeting Up with the Queen for Jubilee!

the Races” to tie in with Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. It was good to have a change as I selected my most glamorous numbers and performed out in the garden.

This Sunday I’m performing for the Horse Trust at Speen in Princes Risborough for their “Horses, Hounds and Heroes” event. I have a full program of songs to sing over 3 x 45/60 minute sets and I’m looking forward to the event very much. Tomorrow I have my first day off in four weeks and I need to spend the day programming and prepping for my forth coming shows. I still have

Her Majesty and I!

costumes to sort out and cases to half pack in preparation for next month.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉