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A Voice in a Million

High Winds & A Topsy Tervy February!

Almost Like Being in Love!

I’m afraid it’s just a quick blog tonight manly because I’ve been working at my desk so much this week I need to get away from my computer screen and do something else. The world is still reeling from Covid and it’s a Topsy Tervy time. Every-day I hold my breath hoping all will be well for the days scheduled show. We are still living through uncertain times but now if a show has to be postponed due to a Covid out-break clients are automatically rescheduling which they weren’t doing two years ago.

This week it’s all been about romance as I’ve been out performing my favorite love songs to tie in with Velentines Day. Thank-you to every-one who tuned in to see my live Valentine’s Facebook stream on Monday night. It was lovely to sing for you all and thank-you for your lovely comments. I’m now pressing forward with the Spring Season as I rehearse and get my one woman show of “My Fair Lady” up and running for the end of March. I’m very proud of this show and I’m looking forward to performing it again

The Broken Tree Damage!

after a break of two years.

Tomorrow I’m performing for a private party just out-side of St Neots and I’m hoping the wind will die down. Today I was singing in Dunstable and there was no shortage of tree debis on the road as I made my way over to the venue. On Thursday our house had a lucky escape as I tree brook off and fell the other side of our wall missing our garden. In 1990 one of the other trees fell through the side of our house but fortunately in both cases nobody was hurt.

The Fallen Tree!

I’m going to leave my blog hear tonight as I need to prepare for tomorrows show.

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