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Hednas in the Chilterns!

This weekend I have been busy performing at The Chiltern Open Air Museum thanks to Harry and Edna. For those of you who go to The Stables Theatre you will know Harry and Edna run the Vintage Night Club “Hednas” so I was very honned that they asked me to perform for them this weekend. Sometimes I don’t think people relise just how much work goes into doing these things as Edna brought much of the Hednas staging and had also set up another room with “War Time fashion on the Ration”. Quite how she did it all I don’t know as Harry was at home looking after the children. However the lovely vintage DJ Jeff was on hand compleate with gramophone and Harrette too who jokingly told me she likes to stands in as the female version of Harry when he has to be at home.

The only disapionting thing about this weekend was the weather. To be perfectly honest it was one of the coldest jobs I’ve ever done as the snow and sleet started to fall and although we were in the barn with the fires on the heat just fell away to the wind. The weekend was billed as “1940s Go Green and Carry On” and belive me we did! The show must always go on even though I had condensation on my mike everyone at the musuem was very friendly and brought us all cups of tea and sandwiches plus off ration flap jack which I enjoyed very much indeed yummy! I made a point of wearing green and I choose a smart 1940s suit. I even put on extra clothes underneith to battle with the cold but in the end the Mink came out as a matter of servival. Quite how everyone eles managed I don’t know but with my diabeties I feel the cold very keenly and when I came to do my blood test I couldn’t get my machine to work as the room temprature was too cold. So I just guset and did my injection anyway!
Dispite the servear cold I really enjoyed singing and did 2 x 60mins sets. While I was there I met camera man Clive Ardagh who was making a film about local museums and who also shot quite alot of footage of me. In time I hope to have another showreel to show you all so watch this space and I will keep you posted.
Next week I start on Easter Bonnet shows with a compleate run for the next three weeks although I’m keeping my fingers crossed for better weather!
We’ll must dash as I still have a few things to do before bed. Thankyou once again to Harry and Edna Jeff, Harrette and all the staff at The Chiltern Open Air Museum.
Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!