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Off to Hastings, Remembrance and My New Photos!

Fiona Harrison

Photos from Wednesday’s Shoot – Me in The Studio!

Me and My Radio!

I Love My Radio!

Wear Your Poppy with Pride! Me at Lent Rise!

Wear Your Poppy with Pride! Me at Lent Rise!

It’s been another busy week with Remembrance and all sorts. On Tuesday I spent the 11th hour at Lent Rise residential home in Burnham. At 11am we all stood for the 2 minutes silence and watch the pictures live from the Tower of London which was very moving. The home had engaged me to perform my “We’ll Meet Again” 1940s show straight afterwards and all the residents had a wonderful time singing the songs. Now I’m back home I’m all set and more or less packed for Hastings. Tomorrow I have a 2.30pm show in Milton Keynes and then I’m back on the road as I head off to the south cost.

This weekend I have been engaged to sing at the Priscilla MacBean Ceremony which is a memorial tribute to the Rye lifeboat “Mary Stanford” which capsized in 1928 on the 15th November losing all 17 crew members. I’ve been engaged to sing a couple of hymns at the ceremony and then songs from the 20s and 30s at  the reception afterwards. Today I met up with my pianist friend Ross and we went through the hymns “Eternal Father Strong to Save” and “Amazing Grace”. Eternal Father has a few funny words like bidd’st, didd’st and tumult which I must get right as I’m singing unaccompanied. To be honest I’m a bit worried about the weather as it can be hard work singing on a sea front without a microphone in the wind and the rain. But fingers crossed all will be well and please, please don’t let it rain!

I’m planning to be down in Hastings for a few days as I have a few more shows to do on the Tuesday and Wednesday, before heading back on Wednesday evening. Then I’m back to school on Thursday as I take class at Leighton Middle School and talk to the children about the popular songs of  WW2.

Oh yes and before I forget I’ve just had a few of my photos back from last Wednesday’s photo shoot. Every so often I like to go into the studio and record  my dresses and costumes for my web-site. Rachel and I are currently working on some new pages and these will be used to illustrate my Video and Sound Sample pages so watch this space. I haven’t had time to go through them all yet as we took over 750 photos but here are a few for now – enjoy!

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!