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GI Jive, Going Mobile and Come Dine With Me!

Today I have been out and about meeting up with my web-designer Rachel and talking about the future. The modern world is moving so fast and the speed of technology is ever changing. I plan to make my web-site mobile by the end of 2014 which means it will change shape and adapt to what ever devise you look at it on be it a mobile phone, tablet or PC. It’s a big out lay but it’s important to stay ahead of the game so lots to think about!

Olive Skirt – Winter Service Uniform

In the mean time Rachel and I have added in a few new pictures to my 1940s page. We have included my new GI Jive show which now gives me 11 costume shows for the 1940s and I’m pleased to say bookings are starting to build for 2014/15. It’s important to keep things fresh and there seems to be a lot of interest in my American shows particularly the new GI Jive one. I was able to pick up the WAC jacket when I was performing in France earlier this year and the rest of the uniform in the UK thanks to my friends Paul and Mike who helped to advise me. I can also do matching olive skirt or pinks with different shirt and tie combinations which just goes to show it’s all down to who you know! So I’m looking forward performing this show for my 2014 season!
Some of you may remember I was asked to sing on Come Dine with Me earlier this year and I heared today it will be televised on Tuesday the 5th November. I know I will look a complete fright as I had day make-up on and the lights they used were really bright – so I’m going to look like Queen Elizabeth the 1st as my red lips and blusher go bang! Needless to say I’m making a point of leaving the country for that day so if you do see it that might be a very good time to get up and make a cup of tea when I’m on!
Tomorrow I’m singing  the 1950s and 60s in Biggleswade and then it’s Big Band and Swing on Saturday.
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WAC Pinks and Greens combination