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A Voice in a Million

Getting Ship Shape!

Fiona Harrison A Voice in a Million

Time to Get Ship Shape!

It’s a new year and I’m working hard to get everything in order before I head off to Rochford this coming Friday. I was back in the gym today with my trainer Elliot and I’ve so much to plan for with filming scheduled for the 24th. I’m also filming on the 31st January too so this evening I was with Judi my dress-maker going through costumes and sorting out dresses. We start filming my 1960s songs on the 24th  and then I will be doing the 50s on the 31st. Both days will require different hair dos and I’m still trying to make up my mind although I have a feeling we will be going for a 60s beehive and a 50s pony tail so watch this space and I shall keep you posted. I also fancy a pair of Capri pants and while I was away in Chichester I was able to pick up some fantastic orange and green fabric which will look very 50s when made up.

Sadly I can’t spend too long blogging tonight but this Saturday Paul and I will be attending the Wedding of Cherie and Brian Shaw which we are so looking forward to. Paul and I will be heading off on Friday and the Wedding is taking place on Saturday with a vintage theme. I’m still trying to decide what to wear although I have a few favourites and I might make up my mind on the day.

I’m going to have to leave it here tonight although I almost forgot. Last week I was on “Come Dine with Me”. I filmed the episode a couple of years ago and it get’s repeated from time to time. I was engaged to sing at Peter Pickering’s dinner party which if I remember rightly was the Tuesday night. I didn’t have time to watch it this time around but I’m so pleased the rest of you did and enjoyed the small part I played.

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!