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Getting Ship Shape, The Musketeers and Pack up Your Troubles!

Hello every-one I’m just back from my weekend away from getting my accounts up to date and ship shape and already I have a pile of e-mails and phone messages to answer. It looks like you’ve missed me! So here I am working late once more doing my best to answer you all!
Despite being away, these last few days haven’t been uneventful. I purposely stayed close to home which was just as well as I had a late show in on the Friday which was just around the corner from my hotel. My diabetic blood pricker broke. Please don’t ask me how as these things are indestructible – so I had to go home and get my spare. But all in all it’s been a good couple of days away and I’m really pleased I’ve caught up with my accounts. I’ve also been able to start running again and although I wasn’t able to run fully on Saturday by Sunday my ankle was much stronger and I’m now getting my stride back even though I still have bruises.

Caldecotte Lake Milton Keynes

I’ve been staying this weekend in Milton Keynes at the Premier Inn Windmill on Caldecotte Lake. It’s a good run round although many of the path ways are still flooded from all the rain. Mind you the Swans and ducks didn’t seem to mind as the lake is full of wild life.
I’ve been working really hard these last few days to get my accounts in order although I did allow myself some TV time on Sunday to see “Call the Midwife” and “The Three Musketeers”. It was a bit of a toss up between “Mr Selfridge” and “The Musketeers” but the Musketeers won and after watching the first episode I have a feeling I may well have stayed in that Inn.The landlady looked familiar! Less said about that the better!

That’s showbiz and life on the road for you!
I look forward to catching up with Mr Selfridge this week. Mind you I have a very busy week planed. I’m in Buldock tomorrow, then Chipping Campden on Friday, Bella’s Burns Night Ball on Saturday and as for Thursday I may well be in London singing “Pack up Your Troubles” for a TV show. I wont know until tomorrow weather I’ve got the job or not so we will just have to see what fate has in store for me.
Well it’s late and I must get to bed.
Thank-you for following and Toodle Pip!