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Getting Ship Shape and Ready for 2020!

Fiona Harrison Back in the Office

Back in the Office!

I’m sorry to say it’s just a very short blog tonight only because 2020 so far has just been an endless stream of phone calls and paperwork. Not the most interesting subject to write about but necessary never the less. After a busy Christmas and new year it’s easy to sit back and say I’m taking a break now. In my line of work that’s fatal as the first three months of the year are important selling months and this is when the bulk of my shows get booked.

I’ve been working extremely hard and I have this year pretty much mapped out. I only have a couple of dates left for my South coast tours in March and September. Valentines and V.E. week have sold out along with much of Easter and Remembrance week too. I’ve made a good start on Christmas 2020 in between performing “Rocking New Year” shows

I’ve had a lot of early mornings and late nights at the computer and I confess I’m looking forward very much to going away this

Catching up with Paper Work!

weekend. It’s my accounts weekend where I check into a hotel for peace and quiet and I work solely on my accounts with-out the distractions of home. Not the most wonderful of reasons to be going away but it’s a great way of seeing the most boring job in the world through.

I enjoy the quiet and every morning I like to go out for a long run which allows me to relax and settle down to the accounts. This time away also allows me to clear my head and think about musical arrangements  and costume designs often resulting in endless doodles and lists. January is also the time of year where I get my van serviced and checked over in preparation for the new season not to mention getting fit myself.

That’s all my news for now. Toodle Pip and thank-you for Following! 😉