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Get Ahead, Get a Hat as I Steam Through into 2017!

My Uniform and Pill Box Hat

My Uniform and Pill Box Hat

I’m afraid it’s just a quick blog tonight as I’ve been working very hard this week selling shows for 2017. It’s good to see the year taking shape and when I change my wall planners over in October it’s always daunting when I see a new year set out before me. I always think to myself gosh look at all those days I need to sell but with lots of hard work they always do.

After last weekends filming I now have a complete turn around of costumes to get ready for the 5th Feb when I’m next before the cameras recording the WW1 section to my Music Hall showreel. I’m also booked to film

Mayhem and Hats Galore in My Dressing Room!

Mayhem and Hats Galore in My Dressing Room!

on the 13th March the “Flower Duet from Lakme'”. It’s been good to go over the alto part again which I recorded years ago. I never sing the alto line live in performance as I always take the top soprano part harmonizing with the recorded alto me. So it’s important I get my French up to snuff and remember both parts before I go before the cameras on the 13th.

For my next set of filming I’ve been working on a few new hats. This week I made myself a pill box to go with my military uniform for “Good Bye Dolly Grey” and I still have a straw boater to trim for “Pack Up Your Troubles”. I’m afraid my uniform is more theatrical than Boar War accurate but it does have a wonderful chest of frogging which I can’t wait to wear and I’m keeping my finger crossed it will come out OK on camera. The jacket is black with red trim so I’ve gone for red trousers and a red pill box hat which I hope will look good on camera although as the frogging is black on black I’m just praying it will light OK.  I also have a huge black hat for “I’ll Make a Man of You” which will need some serious foot lighting.

Next week I want to spend some time rehearsing some new 1960s – 70s numbers as I move things on a little with my vintage shows. On Monday I have an appointment to meet up with Rachel my web-designer and she will be up loading my new showreels. Berlington Bertie, Evette the Spivette and my latest 1940s and 50s showreel. So keep watching this space and I will keep you posted

On that note I will leave it here tonight. Toodle pip and Bye for Now! 😉