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A Voice in a Million

From SW13 to Mr Sandman and The Harrison Sisters!

Fiona Harrison and Sian Walters

Sian and I Putting on the Glitz!

Last week was an extremely productive week. I worked really had in the office and I was able to sell 20 shows in 7 days. 2016 is taking shape beautifully and I’m now completely sold out for Easter, St Georges Day, Halloween with not a great deal left for December which is very incurring. I remember it being very slow this time last year so I’m very pleased to say there’s been an up turn and the economic climet is definitely improving.

On Saturday night Paul and I were in Barns at The Old Sorting Office Arts Centre which sits on the green at SW15. I had been invited by the hostess Sian Walters to perform for her 40th Birthday Party and the Arts centre made for the perfect location. The theme was “Putting on the Glitz” so I put together a program of songs from the Great American Song Book which couldn’t have gone better. Paul also sang some Sinatra classics and the venue had been beautifully decorated by the events company who also did the catering, (which was wonderful by the way!)

Fiona Harrison in Woburn

I Like this Telephone!

Fiona harrison sings Mr Sandman

On Screen With The Harrison Sisters!

Paul had driven up especially to work with me on Saturday so on Sunday he took my mother and I to The Bell Inn, Woburn for Sunday lunch. I do enjoy going out for lunch in Woburn as it has some lovely restaurants and a fabulous antiques centre. No trip to Woburn would be complete without visiting the antiques centre where I confess I fell in love with a rather stylish 1940s bakelite telephone! I enjoy being around stylish things and I really did like this telephone very much!

Today I was back in the gym bright and early with Elliot despite the ghastly wet and windy weather. This afternoon I had an appointment with David Pustansky to start on my film edits. For any-one who doesn’t know anything about filming let me tell you it’s always the editing which take the most time. Today I was able to lay down a rough guide with David  for how I see the finished show reel. We were also able to edit my Mr Sandman video which I think will play well as a video in its own right. For this film we used a split screen effect as I sang all the different parts to create The Harrison Sisters. I was careful not to wear too full a skirt as it would have caused a problem with the split screening but I think when it’s all done it will make for a great show real. I look forward to sharing it with you in time so do keep watching this space.

This week is the run up to Valentines day and I have all sorts to do this week including writing an article. I shall leave it here today as I must get on.

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