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From Odyssey to Rolls Royce and up to Derby!

Grenadiers of the 1750s!
My US WAC Shoes!

 Today I’m trying to get everything straight in prep for a very busy September and I’m just back from visiting the Multi period show Odyssey in Kent. I love history and it’s amazing who you bump into at these things including Grenadiers from the 1750s. My reason for going was to do some shopping as I’m trying to get my American WAC uniform together in prep for Chatham’s “Salute to the 40s”. That’s going to be a fantastic show – I’m also compering this year with my friend Madeline Brown so I’m looking forward to it very much.
One of my first port of calls at Odyssey was “Soldier of Fortune”. If you don’t know they specialise in everything for the Re-enactor from WW1 to modern military and I was pleased to say they had a pair of WAC shoes for me. Check out their web-site Mind you I can’t say I was over impressed with the workmanship. Maybe I’m just use to wearing very good quality shoes that I expect the same finish on all things. I expect when they are polished up they will look the biz. So shoe brushes at the ready!
Although yesterday was all about shopping I always like to look well turned out and to be honest I really didn’t know what to wear. I left Leighton Buzzard at 8.30am and I was quite shue the the weather was going to be warm and sunny with just the odd passing shower, which was why I wore my 1940s play suit. I couldn’t have got it more wrong I should have worn boots not sandals – not that it spoilt my enjoyment at all.

A Beautiful Victorian Lady!

I love to people watch and I love historical fashion. I loved this ladies bustle with the tartan jacket and like me she came into the main hall to shelter from the rain. I also saw some very soggy Pirates and for any-one in wool cloaks it must have been a nightmare because the rain just kept falling. It couldn’t have been much fun for the Romans as it looks so wrong a Roman with an umbrella. Mind you I was ok the beautiful thing about my play suit is it does wash and wear well where some of my vintage pieces are too precious to wear out other than on stage.
I’m ever-so British and I’m not put off by a bit of rain I came to shop and shop I did. I was really pleased I was able to pick up some original 1920s beads to go with my flapper dress and some seamed stockings. I was also able to pick up a pair which will go with my ATS uniform plus a red Military jacket which at first made me think of Vester Tilley and of the song “Jolly Good Luck to a Girl who Loves a Soldier” . However looking at it again it has a band Salvation Army quality so something to play with and have a think about!

Me a bit Wet and Wind Swept!

I’m back at my desk now and all set for Tuesday show at the Rolls Royce Pavilion in Derby so I hope you can all make it along. If you would like tickets call Janet James on 01332 573350 Tickets are £2 per person so very reasonable and I shall be doing 2 x 45 min 1940s sets one ATS and one glamour.
Well must dash lots of loose ends to tie. Thanks for following and Keep Watching
Toodle Pip!