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France Here we Come!

Hello one and all – so much has happend in the last few days. For those of you who have been following my blogs you will know I’ve been busy doing Easter Bonnet shows and today I was out doing Music Hall with an Easter twist in Aylesbury for The Ex Services Mens Club. Tomorrow I have two shows back to back in High Wycombe and then I’m in Watford on Thursday so it’s all go.
The phone has been red hot tonight and I’m pleased to anounce I’m returning to France this May on the 18th and 19th. Sometimes these things can take a really long time to sort out as you have to talk to the British side and then the French and in this case the Americans too to co-ordinate everything together. What’s quite exciting is I’m doing the American side this time and playing at Utah Beach so I’m looking forward to that very much. I’m going out on my own too something I’ve never done before as I’ve always had a driver and sound engineer. I’ve got to remember to drive on the right – fingers crossed I don’t make a mess of it. Maybe now is a good time to put out the public health warning and say Stay off the roads in Northan France in May as Fiona is comming through in Connie the Van! Please please please make me remember its the right and not the left I can get very confussed being dyslexic and all!
Somethings are ment to be and maybe I had some divine help in getting this job. On Monday I was performing in Downley and on my way back I called into the church of St Peter and Paul in Ellesborough as they were open for tea and cakes with it being Easter Monday. I have quite a thing for Churches and Ellesborough church is really pritty. The sun was streaming through the stain glass windows and I had a lovely chat with all the volanteers. One chap reconised me from hearing me sing at Aces High art gallery in Wendover and I said I was keeping my fingers crossed for France. They said they would all pray for me and boy did it work. By the time I got home the message was on the answer phone to call back and sure enough I was able to tie up France today. Thank-you everyone – your prayers did the trick and what a magic moment it was too being in the church at that time Thank-you!
I’ve just had an e-mail through from Oxjam to say the money we raised from the concert on the 13th March was £261.88. You may remember I sang with the South Beds Concert Band and thank-you to every-one who came to see the concert. It was wonderful singing with 40 musos and I hope very much to do so again. Oh that reminds me Bill the bands musical  arranger has just done “If I Loved You” for me for concert band so I’m looking forward to trying it out. I also hope to do my Gershwin medley with them too but we will just have to see what the future holds.
Many thanks for all your feed back on my 1940s knitwear artical in the Best of British magazine – I’m so pleased so many of you have enjoyed reading it. For those of you who read about Pintrest in my artical and don’t know what it is it is a social media site for people who like to post up photos. My boards are easy to find. Just go onto my web-site at and click onto the follow Fiona tab on the right of the screen. There you can see all the different icons for Facebook, Twitter You Tube ect, just click on the P and that will take you through to my boards – do take a look if you can!
Well must dash as I have lots of e-mails and contracts to do. Thanks for following and Toodle Pip for now!