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Fiona’s D-Day Normandy Tour, Liberty and Going Mobile!

Hello every-one this is my last post before I head out to Normandy so I just wanted to fill you in with the latest news. If you would like to see me on stage both my shows have become public events. The first being the 6th June in Arromanches at 1600 hours or 4pm for us Brits. I will be on stage out side the D-Day Museum performing my “We’ll Meet Again” ATS show for 45 mins just before the BBMF flies over. My other public performance will be taking place in Ste Marie du Mont also at 1600 hours on the 7th June out side the church. For this show I will be performing my American swing show “GI Jive” and including some wonderful songs from the Hollywood Musicals.
Getting around on the 6th June might be difficult if you don’t have a special pass. The French police close the roads as a security measure due to the fact Arromanches is expecting royalty. So if you are not staying in Arromanches it will be difficult getting into town. By the 7th the roads will be open again so seeing me in Ste Marie du Mont might be easier. My third show is on the 4th June at Manoir de la Fosse aux Loups nere Cartigny L’ Epinay. This show is private although I have a feeling the whole village has been invited by the Chateau.
For those of you who follow me will know I’m launching my new D-Day Commemorative Album “Liberty!” as part of my Normandy tour. I’m very proud of this CD as I’m presenting it in a DVD box with 2 souvenir post cards. Each copy has my signature on it and if you would like a copy they will be on sale after my shows. The good news is even if you’re not able to see me in Normandy you will be able to buy a copy from the 3rd June by clicking onto the CD page of my web-site at
I spoke with Rachel my web-designer today and she has been working really hard to make my web-site mobile. This means what ever devise you look at my site on be it a mobile phone, tablet or PC it will contract and expand accordingly making things easier to see and read! My CD page will be up dated and it will be possible for me to send out CDs to you anywhere in the world. We have added a Pay Pal button which will convert money and make international transactions possible. At the moment it is only possible to buy one item at a time this way but in time Rachel and I will up grade to a mini ecommerce system – but in the mean time we were keen for you to be able to buy now and keep things current.
I head off down to Portsmouth tomorrow and sail on the 3rd so this will be my last post until I return on the 11th when I will be keen to share all my news and photos with you. I have a meeting with Rachel as soon as I return, with the the web-site going mobile I have to be taught how to blog again as we have up graded to word press. In the mean time I will post up a few photos onto facebook and my Arromanches video which was taken when I sang there in 2012. If any of you have video cameras or able to take photos I’m always thrilled to have any footage or records of the events I perform at so please do get in touch.
Thank-you for following – I really must go now as I still have a bit of packing I must finish off.
Toodle Pip and See you in Normandy!