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Diabetic Low

Not all of you will be awear that I’m a Diabetic. I’ve been one since I was 13 and I inject four times a day. I’ve been so busy of late with so much running through my head – that last night I gave myself the wrong insolin. Silly really I wasn’t paying attention as I was running through a new song in my head at the time. This  morning I woke up at 3.30am in a cold swet but I always have sugar with me or in this case I ate my way through 5 Kit Kat bars. It was a really bad hypo because the insolin I had given myself was the fast acting one not the long one which stretches over 24 hours so this insolin set to work on my bodies sugars leaving me with none hence the hypo! Luckly for me I was able to raise my brother and he was able to get me some Lucozade which I really needed – when you have a hypo you become as week as a kitten and I curtainly wouldn’t have had the strengh to have got down stairs or open the bottle! Afterwards I was freezing so I put my electric blanket on until I got my body back into balance and got warm again. My night dress was wet through and my hair was wet where it had stuck to my body! Once I had come round I was able to give myself the right insolin.
When I got up this morning my sugar levals were a little high which you might expect but today I have put everything back into balance. I started out by having a really good work out at the gym and a very large bowl of poriage. I’m back on track now but last night was a bit of a close thing just as well I always have sugar close to hand but even so I needed more. If I hadn’t of had the sugar I would have slipped into a comma -but belive me it’s not like the way they show it it films the body has a way of fighting back which is why I woke up.
Lesson learnt! – Next time pay attention and stop singing to your-self  when you are giving your-self an injection!