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Dancing on the Edge with the Louis Lester Band!

As so many of you know I’ve had a really difficult time the last few days one way and another with the hackers breaking into my e-mails and address book. So my spirits were lifted today when I recived my Louis Lester CD from the TV drama “Dancing on the Edge”. I just love the 1930s and that sort of music and it was a real joy to play the CD in Connie as I made my way to my show this afternoon. There are a few songs on the CD I would like to do myself but as all the songs were writain for the drama by Adrian Johnston I don’t know if the sheet music is available. We will have to see as I would love to do “On top of the World” and “Dancing on the Moon”.
I’ve really been enjoying the drama and I reconise many of the locations from having sung there myself. Last Mondays eposode was really thought provoking and highlighted how you can be in vogue one minute and out the next. How the people around you who you think are friends can quickly change direction as loyalties are bought. The clever thing is the so called friends don’t even realise they’ve been bought as they enjoy their new offices and dream of furthering their careers with the rich American tiecoon Mr Marsterson.
Stephen Poliakoff is brillant and the atention to detail is fantastic. My only critasizum would be the number of extras needed for the hotel scenes. I’ve played large hotels and there aren’t quite enough people sitting down for dinner to match with the proportions of the hotel. Extras cost money and it is only a little niggle but still wonderful never the less and I can’t wait for the last eposide. The best thing we’ve seen on TV for a long time!
Tomorrow I’m doing Music Hall for a private party in Iver so I shall be out most of the day and then I’m booked to do the 1940s on Saturday in High Wycombe so I’m out and about as usal.
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